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Facebook’s ‘Life Events’ are the main event for digital marketers

The life-events engine behind Facebook’s new timeline may be the most powerful digital marketing tool ever created.  It allows Facebook users to record the milestones of their life. And, it allows digital marketers to deliver the most effective and  relevant … Continue reading

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Search Engine Optimization isn’t dead. It’s UNDEAD.

Unless you’re a business owner or marketer, you may not be aware of the lurking hoard of flesh eaters approaching you from all sides: by telephone, by email and by social networks. They call themselves ‘SEO experts’ but if you … Continue reading

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The fun of ‘un': A pick-me-up book for social media marketers

The most POPULAR marketing books find clever ways to point out the problems of traditional marketing. The most HELPFUL marketing books, explore ways to solve these problems. Unmarketing, by Scott Stratten, is a popular book.  It’s an enjoyable and inspiring … Continue reading

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World Wide Rave: How PR Professionals Join the Social Media Party

PR pros are naturals at conversation and relationship building.  So, it’s no surprise that Dave Meerman Scott adapted many of his rules of PR to social channels. World Wide Rave, one of Scott’s latest books,  shares his ideas for adapting communication strategies to … Continue reading

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Punk Marketing: It’s retro, social and (GASP!) mainstream

In 2007, shortly after the Sex Pistols were involuntarily inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Punk Marketing was born. And, it only asks one thing of us: “Get off your ass and join the revolution.”‘ If you … Continue reading

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