#1Term4Hillary: I Like Hillary’s App More than I Like the Candidate

HCAs a reluctant supporter of Hillary Clinton, I’m pleased to have something to get excited about during the presidential election: Hillary’s mobile app.

The app is better than the candidate.

While its not uncommon for me to support a democratic candidate for the office of U.S. President, it’s been hard for me to get excited about Hillary as a candidate. It’s clear to me, and probably to everyone, that she’s a much better choice than Donald Trump.  Enough so, that I feel compelled to donate and volunteer for Hillary despite my reservations.

I’ve become an enthusiastic one-term supporter for Hillary. So much so, that I adopted a #1TermForHillary hashtag.

This is probably why I like the app so much — it’s a day-to-day conduit for being an active part of Hillary’s presidential campaign without having to talk directly with her campaign team.  I can be active and supportive for Hillary’s campaign…without being an active supporter — a subtle, but important difference.

The app provides you with a personal HQ for Hillary-moderated alerts, election news, quizzes, events and challenges. It also allows you to donate to the candidate and earn badges, stars and points for campaign participation.  There are more than 20 badges to earn, including:

  • Secretary of Commerce – Earned when you buy three items from the virtual shop.
  • Super Supporter – Earned by checking into three events.
  • Winner’s Circle – Earned when you complete challenges.
  • Gold Star – Earned when you complete 1 day of daily challenges.
  • Media Maven -Earned by watching 10 videos.
  • Ambassador – Earned by inviting 10 friends.
  • Social Influencer – Earned by sharing 15 posts.
  • Wonk – Earned with a perfect score on 5 quizzes.

Other badges are earned by ranking highest among volunteers in your state and nationally.  The app does a good job of motivating me to support a lackluster candidate. It’s easy.

This casual, low key app is exactly what Hillary needs. And, its exactly what I need to support Hillary.

Do you also support Hillary, enthusiastically as a one-term presidential candidate? If so, use the #1Term4Hillary hashtag when you tweet throughout the election and into her term. Ideal for Bernie supporters, discouraged republicans and all of us that acknowledge Hillary as the best candidate for president right now — but not the best candidate for president for more than four years.