Pro File: An Interview with Brian Burke

We recently had the opportunity to interview Brian Burke, author of Gamify: How Gamification Motivates People to Do Extraordinary Things. Brian is a Gamification Pro, so we wanted to share this entire interview with everyone. Enjoy! In your book you talk about Gardner predicting the failure of most gamified applications by 2014. Now it’s 2016 what do you[…]

Gamify has Serious Implications for Digital Marketing

Digital marketers that want to ‘up their game’ should add ‘Gamify’ by Brian Burke to their summer reading list. If you think that Gamification was a fad of the early 2000’s, you’re wrong. In the upcoming ‘Age of Big Data’ it might hold the key to digital marketing success and failure.  Gamify: How Gamification Motivates[…]

Seeking a Cure for Lackluster Digital Marketing? Get Strategy and Get Scrappy

If you want to be scrappy, you need to have solid business, marketing and digital marketing  strategies in place first, according to Nick Westergaard, author of Get Scrappy: Smarter Digital Marketing for Businesses Big and Small. It’s no surprise that Westergaard, who teaches at the University of Iowa in addition to working as a digital strategist, emphasizes[…]