Effective Social Media Tactics can be Powered by Emotional Triggers

In an age of ‘big data’, with the advent of social media ‘bots and widespread use of emojis, GIFs and bitmojis, effective social media strategies need to be powered by emotion. Basic positive/negative/neutral sentiment analysis isn’t powerful or accurate enough to fuel effective social media tactics.  Typical sentiment analysis is only 60 percent accurate, and isn’t specific enough to[…]

Delete the Inbox: It’s Time for a Human Centered Email Client

‘Answering emails’ has become too synonymous with ‘corporate work’ for many of us. And, that doesn’t bode well for our productivity. We spend one-third of our work time reading and responding to emails, according to  McKinsey Global Institute. The other two-thirds of the time? We’re stressed about the emails we haven’t seen or answered yet.[…]

The Marketing Game: Video Game and Ad Motivations are the Same

Creating a good TV commercial, social media plan or marketing campaign isn’t that different than creating a great video game. It’s all about the experience — and the motivation. I recently discovered the works of Gamification Guru Yu-Kai Chou and was intrigued to find how player motivations in video games relate so naturally to the[…]