Scrambling Social Platforms Find Chaos in Facebook Reactions and Emojis

It’s hard for social media analytics platforms to keep up with Facebook, especially when Facebooks adds significant features, such as reactions, overnight that aren’t actively supported by the Facebook API. This is why, for the foreseeable future, most social media analytics platforms will be reporting all ‘Facebook Reactions’ (like, love, laugh, wow, and anger) as[…]

Content Strategy: How America’s Top Banks Feed the Content Beast

With content as “king” on social media. it’s no surprise that it can take an entire kingdom to keep the content stream flowing at America’s top banks. There is a seemingly-endless demand for new content. According to a recent study by Track Maven, content production and publication across social platforms increased 35% across 2015 and[…]

Likeable Social Media: Stalk Less. Talk More.

Brands that engage with consumers on social media, need to boost the amount of talking and limit the amount of stalking they do. Big brands do a great job of sharing content on social media. It comes naturally. Brands, agencies and marketers are comfortable teeing up good content and pushing it out to the masses. […]

Brand Sentiment: Even the Best Social Monitoring Tools Fail Miserably

When it comes to monitoring brand sentiment, you can’t trust technology. Even the best social media monitoring tools fail miserably. The most evolved monitoring tools still depend on unevolved sentiment algorithms.  As a result, they struggle with sarcasm, disgruntled spammers, emojis, and identifying bogus social media accounts that wildly skew sentiment results on all social media[…]