From #Fail to #Fab: LinkedIn’s Mobile App

Thankfully, LinkedIn didn’t just update their mobile app this week, they rebuilt it. Last week, I went on a Twitter rampage about LinkedIn’s clunky and counter-intuitive iPhone app.  This week, They released version 6.0 — an overdue update –that rebuilt the application from the ground up. Version 6.0 uses swipe-enabled sidebar navigation. It lets users[…]

Let’s Chart a Course to Lifelong Learning with MOOCs

In a world where university tuition runs often exceeds $750-$1,000 per credit hour, pursuing a goal of ‘lifelong learning’ is daunting… and the opportunity to attend some of the world’s best colleges for free is irresistible. That’s what motivated me to sign up for my first MOOCs this week. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are[…]