Social Pro Files: An interview with Scott Brick

We recently had the opportunity to interview actor-narrator Scott Brick, whose recorded more than 400 audio books. Scott is a Social Pro, so we wanted to share this entire interview with everyone. Enjoy! TELL ME HOW YOU USE BOOKS, EBOOKS AND AUDIO BOOKS; BECAUSE THAT’S THE TOPIC WE’RE TALKING ABOUT TODAY. I’m very slowly moving[…]

Does listening to an audio book count as “reading”? Sometimes.

When people learn that I spend 15-20 hours each week reading books, they tell me “That’s unbelievable.” When I tell them that more than half of the time is spent listening to audiobooks, they tell me “That’s not reading.” According to the Audio Publishers’Association, audiobook customers are frequent book readers who leverage audiobooks to “read” while[…]

How to become an industry expert by USING social media

It’s not enough to declare your expertise on social networks — you need to demonstrate it, regardless of the industry you work in. Working in marketing over the past decade – I’ve seen a lot of companies try to position themselves as an ‘Approachable expert’ (show of hands). It sounds great, but too often it[…]