Stop SELLING with social media: Simplify the BUYING process

There’s a divide among people who think businesses belong in social media or not. Some of it comes from the consumer side. (Brands don’t belong. Social networks are a private haven for individuals.) Some of this comes from the business side of the equation. (Why bother? Why take it seriously?) Businesses can and should be[…]

Infiniti JX Preview: A crossover into luxury

What do you get when you cross a road trip fanboy with a stretch of Carolina roadway and the 2013 Infiniti JX? A new respect for Infiniti’s newest comfortable, cargo-friendly crossover vehicle. I’m all about road tripping. So, when Infiniti offered to preview the 2013 Infiniti JX on a road trip thru Charleston-area lowcountry, I[…]

Want to generate social media referrals or connections? Make them first.

If you want to generate referrals, likes and positive reviews on social media, one of the best things that you can do is model the behavior to your own fans, friends and followers. Connect. Share. Like. Comment. Favorite. Retweet. Give +K. Be first to do it. People watch those that connect with them in a[…]

How to fix your iPhone 4s service on AT&T

For the last six months, I’ve loved EVERYTHING about my iPhone 4S — except the provider, AT&T. For the past four months, I’ve been traveling continuously between Stevens Point, WI, and Madison, WI.  In the Madison area, the phone works great. In Stevens Point? It might as well be a brick.  I couldn’t receive calls[…]

Takin’ Care of Business (Cards) on your iPhone

Business cards remain one of the most effective marketing resources you can have.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t leverage technology to manage your contacts — and your business cards — more effectively.  Over the past four weeks, I compared inexpensive and popular business card scanning apps for the iPhone. Even in the age of[…]

Tea Review & Kombucha Recipe Davidson’s Green w/Lemon Ginseng

This week, I’m highlighting another favorite, affordable bulk tea from Davidson’s: Green w/Lemon Ginseng. The green tea blend, containing lemon myrtle and ginseng is light and tangy.  The blend is light and citrusy and is more reminiscent of ginseng than it is of lemon.  I brew most of loose tea and coffee using a French press.[…]

Do-it-Yourself: Simple Home Security Solutions

Choosing a home security system for your home is a daunting task — let alone installing it yourself. That’s why I was surprised to find my home locked down in less than 20 minutes with a new system from SimpliSafe. After investigating the installation costs, monthly fees, and contract requirements of home security system providers[…]