On the Plus Side: Brands can build a Google+ following now.

In it’s first month Google+, Google’s new social network, has attracted more than 20 million unique visitors — and a lot of unwelcomed interest from leading brands. Google+ (pronounced ‘Google Plus’) is a group of social sharing tools that lets existing Google users leverage their existing Google profile and Google Buzz account in new ways: They can share content[…]

Social media & brand evangelism: You can’t fake it

The most successful brand evangelists and social media marketers have one thing going for them: A brand they TRULY believe in. In recent months, I’ve had the opportunity to talk with dozens of Social Pros such as NASA’s Stephanie Schierholz, Jen Martin of AARP, PepsiCo’s Bonin Bough, and Robert Scoble of Rackspace. Although the organizations they represent vary, a common ingredient[…]

Special K: Klout’s +K helps refresh #FollowFriday

As one of Twitter’s most popular, long-standing Twitter memes, #FollowFriday is based on a noble premise:  recommending Twitter users that other people should follow. However, it’s gotten out of control. It’s become cluttered, spammy, and annoying. I don’t follow people  based solely on someone’s #followfriday recommendation.  Neither does anyone else. When Twitter was young, #followfriday[…]

Talk to the lense: How comfortable are you seeing yourself on camera?

Smart phones, portable camcorders and webcams make it easy to share personal video.  The biggest obstacle to video blogging isn’t the technology. It’s us. Most of us still cringe when we see ourselves on video. I’ve been learning this the hard way, working on The Space Crowd, a film that encourages people to contribute video[…]

Join The Space Crowd: Contribute your shuttle-related stories to our film

Thousands of people will converge on Kennedy Space Center on July 8, 2011, to witness the final space shuttle launch. Hundreds of them will be featured in an upcoming film about the US Space Program. You could be featured in the movie too. The Space Crowd, an independent film by two Wisconsin-based filmmakers, chronicles the[…]