Following activities of the STS-134 NASA Tweetup

If you’re looking forward to the launch of Space Shuttle Endeavor on Friday, more than you’re interested in seeing the Royal wedding, you may want to follow activities at the STS-134 NASA Tweetup.  It’s the opportunity to witness launch-related activities second hand — through the eyes of NASA fans like myself. The two-day Tweetup provides[…]

Social Pro Files: An interview with Go-Giver’s Bob Burg

We recently had the opportunity to interview Bob Burg, co-author of ‘Go-Giver’ books and  author of ‘Endless-Referrals’. Bob is a Social Pro, so we wanted to share this entire interview with everyone. Enjoy! ‘Go-Giver’ uses a parable in a fictional story to illustrate the power of giving. What made you guys choose a parable instead[…]

Social Media & Sales: They’re both about giving

Sales and social media have more in common than you’d think. The best social networkers and the best salespeople aren’t just go-getters. They’re also go-givers. During recent travels, I had the opportunity to read The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea by Bob Burg and John David Mann. The book is a[…]

3, 2, 1, Tweet: Countdown to the NASA Tweetup Shuttle Endeavor launch

Over 4,100 Twitter users asked to attend the last launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, on April 29, 2011.  Only 150 were selected to participate. Thankfully, @socialmeteor is among them. The Tweetup will take place at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The Tweetup will provide @NASA followers with the opportunity to tour the center, view the[…]

We are Wizards: Social media builds magical microcommunities

YouTube, Facebook and MySpace makes it possible for communities to thrive that couldn’t have existed five years ago.  Case in point: The ‘Wizard Rock’ community of bands producing music based on Harry Potter movies. We Are Wizards, a SXSW documentary produced by Gerald Lewis and directed by Josh Koury introduces the world-at-large to Wizard Rock[…]

When customer service is king, employees get the royal treatment.

In most companies, the employees who spend the most time with customers are the lowest paid and least empowered. At Zappos, they’re the ones in control. When you walk through the call center at Zappos, the Las Vegas-based online shoe and apparel company, you get the sense that there may be inmates running the asylum.[…]

Nearsighted security cameras are the real ‘eye of London’

On a recent trip to London, it was difficult to overlook the city’s most common landmark: closed circuit TV cameras.  With nearly 2 million security cameras, London is the most watched city in the world. Security cameras are everywhere in London: On street corners, on trains, in public spaces and in private homes.  To visitors,[…]

Be warned: I have an evil plan. And, since you’re reading this, it involves YOU.

I’m up to something. If you already know me, then you already know that I’m up to something. Why? because I’m ALWAYS up to something. I have a REPUTATION for it. The more that you know me — or, to be more precise,  the more I know about you — the more likely it is that[…]