Two-Minute Tips: How to create a Twitter news robot

Robots — snippets of code that automatically post content to Twitter and other social networks — can be annoying when they’re overused.  When used properly, they can deliver timely information to interested followers.

This short video walks you through the simple steps needed to create your own Twitter News Bot. This example uses as the news source and as the delivery engine. is a web-based service that delivers content from RSS feed to various social networks. Any news source that generates an RSS feed can be used to create a news bot. Although this example delivers news updates to Twitter, other destinations that are supported by include Facebook, LInkedIn, Tumblr, Statusnet, Ping, Google Buzz, MySpace and FourSquare.

Why the video? I realized how many things a person can do in ‘just a few minutes’ to improve their social media participation. Seemed like a good topic for online video. This is the first.  If you want to see more, click ‘like.’  You can also suggest topics for upcoming videos using the comment area below.

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