Pay it forward: How giveaways pay off in social media

You can attract thousands of Facebook fans or Twitter followers with the right giveaway. Attracting fans is easy. The hard part is keeping fans. Companies commonly use sweepstakes, contests, and coupons to entice Facebook users to “like” them.  Why? It works. According to a 2010 report by ExactTarget, nearly one-third of Facebook users (31 percent)[…]

Don’t Scrimp on Scraping: Tips for Safe Driving in Inclement Weather

Ice on the road makes driving in inclement weather dangerous — and so does ice on your windshield. To avoid delays and exposure to chilling weather, drivers sometimes take shortcuts. They make a half-hearted attempt to clean frost and snow from the windshield. They clear a small hole that offers some visibility, and hit the road. However, taking shortcuts that bypass safety can have[…]

Season’s Tweetings: The Twelve days of Twitmas

When Twitter users were asked what they wanted for Christmas, these were the items that stood out. We used them to create our own version of the ’12 Days of Christmas.’ The following lyrics are based on the #allIwant Twitter Meme. One of the most popular Twitter Memes is Follow Friday (#followfriday), which invites all[…]

The Power of Free Coffee: Starbucks gives the King its ‘Best’

A good cup of coffee makes a breakfast meal better. A bad cup can destroy one. That is why I tend to judge breakfast menus (sometime unfairly) by the quality of the coffee served. Until recently, both were marginal at Burger King. I drove past the popular drive-thru destination – until I learned about the[…]

Faceless on Facebook: Does your brand flunk the personality test?

Make brand exposure and interactions count. A brand’s personality is built from the sum of moments shared with its prospects and customers. Personality Not Included, by Rohit Bhargava, explores the reasons that brands systematically lose their personality and how it’s possible to regain a brand’s identity and likeability by effectively leveraging social media and other[…]