The fun of ‘un’: A pick-me-up book for social media marketers

The most POPULAR marketing books find clever ways to point out the problems of traditional marketing. The most HELPFUL marketing books, explore ways to solve these problems. Unmarketing, by Scott Stratten, is a popular book.  It’s an enjoyable and inspiring read on the failure of traditional marketing strategies, tactics, and mindsets. In the tome, Stratten[…]

Whuffie Diva: An interview with Tara Hunt

We recently had the opportunity to interview Tara Hunt, author of The Whuffie Factor, for our SmartBrief on Social Media column.  Tara is a Social Pro, so we wanted to share this entire interview with everyone. Enjoy!

Hunt is cofounder and CEO at Shwowp, a tool to users take control of their shopping history, share it and track how they influence others. She speaks around the world on how the social web is changing the world and was named one of the most influential women in technology in 2009 by Fast Company Magazine. […]

Social Currency: Consider the Human Costs

Many companies judge the value of social networks by what they can get out of them.  In reality, the value that social networks provide is better judged by what a company puts into them. Sometimes, that’s very little. The bulk of outgoing brand communications on social networks are self centered: press releases, company announcements, product[…]

Coffee Talk: Five reasons we’re going to unfollow you on Twitter

When you get a handful of social media folks together, drinking coffee, it’s a good time to debate what we like or dislike the most.   This week’s topic? Twitter habits we despise — enough to unfollow you. Animated Gifs. Nothing hurts our eyes more than seeing an animated gif appear as someone’s avatar image in Twitter. It’s unanimous. Do[…]

Lean Cuisine: Social Media trims acquisition cost with lean marketing integration

When people hear the term ‘lean marketing’ they think its about spending less on marketing in a tough economy. In reality, its about getting the most out of your current marketing dollars — regardless of the spend.

Sometimes, it feels like spending marketing dollars is like making sausage — a lot of fat and waste goes into the end product. In the well-known words of Lord Leverhulme: “Half of my advertising budget is wasted, but I’m not sure which half.” Enter Lean Marketing — a popular, disciplined approach to marketing that has roots in Total Quality Management (TQM). Edward Demming, a forefather of TQM, popularized the PDCA cycle for quality. […]

World Wide Rave: How PR Professionals Join the Social Media Party

PR pros are naturals at conversation and relationship building.  So, it’s no surprise that Dave Meerman Scott adapted many of his rules of PR to social channels. World Wide Rave, one of Scott’s latest books,  shares his ideas for adapting communication strategies to come alive on social networks.  The tactics shared by Scott are straight forward and easy to[…]

Referral Friendly: An Interview with John Jantsch

We recently had the opportunity to interview John Jantsch, author of The Referral Engine, for our SmartBrief on Social Media column.  John is a Social Pro, so we wanted to share this entire interview with everyone. Enjoy!

Jantsch is a marketing and digital technology coach and author of Duct Tape Marketing, a marketing bible for small business owners.  If you enjoy this interview, you may also want to read our review of The Referral Engine. […]

Selling ‘social’ to the C suite: The power of referrals

If you want corporate executives to understand the value of social networks, you need to move discussions from ROI to COI. When executives ask about the return on investment (ROI) for social media, they’re asking “How much money will be make today?”  It’s like measuring the the amount of water in your kitchen by what[…]