Mixed Media: NBC Twittersode lacked ‘Community’

When a comedy titled ‘community’  went online, I expected it to do a great job incorporating social networks and communities. I was mistaken. NBC’s “Community” kicked off it’s second season on Twitter this year.  Fans were invited to ‘tuned in’ for an 80-tweet “Twittersode.”  Those who participated got to see the show’s characters plan their second[…]

Facebook Philanthropy: Using Social Networks for Social Change

In the online world, ‘the things you care about’ define who you are. They say as much about your personality as the clothes you wear and Facebook updates you share. Social networks have changed the way that people support charities, promote causes and view their own ability to change the world.  And, it’s more possible[…]

The Facts and Fantasies behind Facebook Profiles

Behind every Facebook profile is a story. Sometimes it is action-adventure, romance, or drama — and, sometimes, its a fantasy. No one know this better than New York photographer Yaniv ‘Nev’ Schulman who explored on this reality on film as it unfolded in his own life. Catfish,  a 2010 documentary film by Nev, his brother[…]

Social media polls: Find your 24-ounce analysis on SmartBrief

The story begins like this: “A blogger and a doodler walk into a bar…” How the story ends is up to you — literally.  SmartBrief on Social Media is looking for a poll analyst and we want your vote. SmartBrief on Social Media, one of the most popular sources for social media-related facts and insights, is looking[…]

Exit Diggnation: How Digg lost its mojo

The new version of Digg boasts faster load times and more personalized news, but after a few weeks of continued use, I’ve reached the following conclusion: Digg has lost its Mojo — that ‘special something’ that kept me coming back day after day. Digg started out in 2004, as an experiment,  with a barrel of[…]

Dead end: Social media for your afterlife

When you lead a digital life, it’s only a matter of time until death makes its way online.   The Lien Foundation, an organization seeking to improve care for the dying, allows people to ‘befriend’ Death on Facebook and ‘die-logue’ with him. The Foundation’s Life Before Death initiative also offers tools for the living that can improve their ‘quality of dealth.’ Last Playlist  – Create[…]