Facebook isn’t a leak, It’s a Faucet

Nearly 200 million people in the US share their address and phone number in phone books — this is roughly equivalent to the number of people who publicly share personal info on Facebook. In both cases, sharing private info is a personal choice. Security concerns over Facebook were highlighed again when security consultant Ron Bowes collected the[…]

Forget the Numbers: Manage your mentors on social networks

Many people still view their connections on LinkedIn as a numbers game: The more connections they have, the more influence they think THINK have. But they’re wrong. Effective social networking isn’t about HOW MANY PEOPLE you connect with: It’s about HOW WELL CONNECTED with each individual you are that matters. That is why LinkedIn’s core[…]

Coffee still fuels my social networks

Social networking has been around for hundreds of years — well before the advent of Facebook, YouTube and wireless networks. It just used to happen face to face: over a cup of coffee. During the 18th century coffeehouses throughout Europe were popular meeting places for artists and socialites. Today, they remain hubs of social activity… but a lot[…]

The Two Faces of Facebook: It’s Boom and Bust for Developers

What can drive the fastest growing website in the US in one month and obliterate it the next? Facebook. Using a free development platform has its costs. In December, 2009, FamilyLink.com was rated by ComScore as the fastest growing website in the US.  In January, 2010, the site attracted 17.7 million monthly active users and[…]

Law of Scarcity: Woot! offers an uncommon value to Amazon

 It’s no surprise that America’s largest online retailer acquired Woot! this week — Amazon has an eye for culture.  Woot!, the  irreverent retail site that sells one item per day (with shirt.woot, wine.woot, kids.woot, and sellout.woot spinoffs) is an e-tail wonder. Despite it’s limited selection, the site has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private retailers in[…]