Delivering Happiness: Customer engagement drives loyalty, referrals, and growth

Every company these days seems to distinguish itself in the marketplace by it’s unique level of customer service. IRONICALLY, THEIR CUSTOMERS RARELY NOTICE. Zappos, lead by CEO Tony Hsieh, is one of these rarities.  Why? It’s the only Internet retailer with a 365-day return policy that will cover the cost of shipping in both directions.[…]

Better than Boycotting: Sharing a Social Cause is Key to BP Cleanup

According to one oil industry expert, BP isn’t concerned about consumer backlash because “When it comes around to buying gas, people will buy the cheapest…” But that’s a shallow assessment: People will switch brands to support charitable causes like the Gulf Oil Spill cleanup effort. Gas for Gulf is an initiative to support to gas[…]

The Zen of Social Media: Light on Enlightenment

The Zen of Media, by Shama Kubani bills itself as ‘The last social media guide you’ll need.” It’s not. Like it’s author, though, it’s an excellent guide to new initiates. Zen of Social Media has the amount of wisdom you might expect from a new author in their twenties  but Kubani’s basic understanding of social[…]

Have it Your Way: The Ultimate Facebook Privacy Primer

It’s ironic that Facebook has taken so much heat about privacy settings. In reality, Facebook serves up some of the best privacy settings on the Internet.  The problem is that users don’t know how to digest them. The privacy of personal data is an important issue — but the biggest violators aren’t companies like Facebook that[…]