OpenGraph Powers Proactive Customer Service on Facebook

Move over Twitter. Facebook is the now the most powerful social network for  providing proactive customer service. For many companies, Twitter plays the largest role in proactive customer service because Twitter search makes it easy for companies to find and respond to brand-related conversations on the site.  While effective, providing customer service via Twitter isn’t[…]

Fostering Friendly Faces for Customer Service on Twitter

Many corporations are still using their corporate logo as their profile photo on Twitter. That’s a mistake — particularly for companies hoping to use Twitter to improve or enhance their customer service. People want to talk to people on social networks — Not corporations.  That’s doubly true when it comes to unhappy customers. Some companies,[…]

Monitoring Sentiment: Follow competitors and critics on social networks

Every business has critics and competitors. Not every marketer knows how valuable these relationships can be on social networks. Don’t hesitate to monitor your competition on social networks. Not doing so isn’t a sign of loyalty. More likely, it’s a sign of ignorance. ‘Like’ competitors on Facebook using your personal profile. Become their ‘follower’ on Twitter. The[…]