Social Media 101: A better blog than book from Brogan

Great blogs don’t always translate into great books. Chris Brogan’s latest book, Social Media 101, proves this out. ‘101’ is a collection of several posts that originally appeared at Knowing that much of the content would be familiar to me, I picked the book up for in-flight reading, with modest expectations. It wanted to revisit some well-organized,[…]

Promoted Tweets: Attention or distraction? Brand interaction?

Promoted Tweets from companies like StarBuck’s and Best Buy are appearing in Twitter search results.  And, even though I new they were coming — like most other tweets — I barely noticed their arrival. Twitter search results are ALREADY SO CLUTTERED with random content, that  an advertisement added to the top still seems innocuous to[…]

Like or Dislike: The five-star approach to social media ratings

Liking content on social media channels  is an ‘all or nothing’ affair. This is why YouTube recently replaced its five-star video rating system with a simpler ‘thumbs up or thumbs down’ rating system. YouTube has been considering the change since last fall, when it noticed that the majority of YouTube videos either have a five-star rating — or[…]

To launch a book, build the fan base first

Q: How do I attain top market placement for one of the most fascinating science fiction books ever written? A: Create a fan base BEFORE approaching a publisher. I’m a former publisher and an avid reader. I consume traditional books, audio books, and ebooks. If you’ve got a relatively new writer, particularly in SciFi (Yes..[…]