Executive Decision: How company executives use Twitter

Twitter has roughly 30 million users and ranks among the ‘Top 50’ websites in the world – which is why it can be an powerful tool for company executives to engage publicly with customers, prospects, employees and industry influencers. Twitter is typically an easier platform for company executives to use than traditional blogs, because users[…]

Google takes some of the sting out of Buzz. However, It’s still too noisy.

With the recent release of Buzz, Google learned the same lesson that Facebook and Peter Parker: With great power, comes great responsibility. Google Buzz, Google’s new microblogging alternative to Twitter and Facebook, leveraged the power of Google to provide a ‘turnkey social network’ for Gmail users leveraging their address book and connectivity to Flickr, Picasa,[…]

Six Pixels of Separation: Stop lurking and step it up on social networks

Social media can drive a company’s revenue, awareness and success in the marketplace — but not from the sidelines.  To achieve success, companies need to stop lurking, stop selling and spend more time engaging customers. Six Pixels of Separation, by Mitch Joel, challenges business owners to be ACTIVE and AUTHENTIC in online communication. The book,[…]