Better than Google AdSense? Facebook ‘SocialSense’

For more than a decade, content publishers have used Google AdSense to monetize their websites AND advertisers leverage AdSense to promote their business. The time has come for something better: a social advertising network from Facebook.  Let’s call it “SocialSense.” With Facebook Connect, Facebook has the capability to create the most effective online advertising network[…]

Technology distracts drivers. It can also protect them.

Using mobile devices while driving leads to slowed reaction time, unplanned lane changes and more collisions.  Ironically, integrating more technology and applications into vehicles should make driving safer. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, one-fourth of adolescents age 16 or 17 have texted while driving and nearly half of teenagers of all ages have been in[…]

Does Microsoft have it’s head in the clouds?

When I think about Microsoft leadership in the areas of cloud computing and natural user interface, it seems rather, (well…) unnatural. Nevertheless, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer opened the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is Las Vegas this week highlighting the company’s excitement about upcoming slate PCs, cloud computing and natural user interface. I enjoyed the show,[…]

Viral Loop: How social media relationships drive growth

What’s a social media relationship on Facebook worth? In my case, it’s about $90 according to the author of Viral Loop: From Facebook to Twitter, How Today’s Smartest Businesses Grow Themselves. To illustrate principles in his book, Adam Penenberg, author of Viral Loop provides this tool on Facebook for measuring ‘viral loop value’ in the community.  It uses an algorithm[…]