The viral coefficient: How to measure popularity in social media

  At year end, we like to look back and see WHAT the most popular trends and topics of the year were.  An equally interesting topic for markers is HOW popularity and trends can be measured using the viral coefficient. Google Zeitgeist 2009 can tell you that the most discussed and TV shows in 2009 were Glee, Bones[…]

Celebrate the things you ‘like’ with Facebook-inspired ornaments

Add many friends this holiday season and celebrate the things you like with Facebook ornament designs from Social Meteor. Use our 2009 holiday template to spruce up your Christmas tree with Facebook-inspired “add a friend” and “like” ornaments. We prepared these ornaments for friends by mounting these designs on foam core and inserting a 22.9[…]

Will it blend? Social media inspiration and increased sales can be powered by wood shavings

When most executives see a pile of wood shavings on the break room floor, they see a job for the janitor,  but marketer George Wright from Blendtec saw a social media opportunity. With an inspiration for EXTREME BLENDING and $50 for blending supplies (that included marbles, a rake, and fast food items) Will It Blend?[…]

A Tale of Two Web Browsers: What they say about your personality

There are more reasons than ever to replace Internet Explorer (Windows) and Safari (OSX) as your default web browsers. Two of the best reasons? Performance and personality. Google Chrome  is now available on the Mac and the latest Firefox 3.6 beta boasts more than 140 changes. For the past week, I’ve been driving these new[…]

Twitter: A social media steam valve

Twitter is like an emotional outburst: Tweets are brief, immediate,  expressive, short-lived and attention getting. That’s why it’s no surprise that Twitter has become a great tool for customer service.  On any given day, users are bashing and celebrating their favorite brands in 140 characters or less.  Some brands (such as AT&T) are so unpopular at times that[…]