Hey Google, let’s say goodbye to millions of search results

With Google, it’s not uncommon to find millions of results for your search query. The uncommon thing is caring about ANYTHING after the first page. Why? Millions don’t matter. Google users want instant gratification when they’re searching. Consider these facts:  According to Google, 75 percent of Google users NEVER click past the first page. The[…]

The Facebook Advantage: Teaching grownups to share

Acts of sharing don’t always come naturally — at least when it comes to social networks.  That is why we need to encourage our customers to share our content on social networks. Adding social network links within your website or e-newsletter (so that readers can refer your content to their friends) increases the reach of[…]

Ten Top Tweets: Welcome to the Moooovies

This down home edition of Ten Top Tweets explores popular movie titles with a bovine twist. Ten Top Tweets is a weekly compilation based on a Twitter Meme — trends, activities or sayings associated with Twitter. In this case: #cowfilms. One of the most popular Twitter Memes is Follow Friday (#followfriday), which invites all users[…]

Facebook’s developer roadmap unveils the order behind the chaos

Facebook users and developers are often been shocked and surprized by seemingly random changes occurring on Facebook.   That changed recently with my first glipse at Facebook’s Developer Roadmap. With every Facebook UI and API change, there seems to be a Facebook user revolt, complete with torches and pitchforks (“Curse you Facebook! curse you and your[…]

Social media enables marketing ‘by the numbers’ using new data models

The biggest byproduct of the world economy? Data. This makes it difficult to overlook the implications complex mathematical models have on being an effective marketer. The Numerati, by Stephen Baker, demonstrates the influences that powerful processors and piles of data have on understanding — and leveraging — human behavior in a data-driven society. Less than[…]