Google Sidewiki: Website browsing with a side of chaotic insight

What happens when you decide to let anyone leave comments on any website they visit? Google Sidewiki. Although Google Sidewiki isn’t the first attempt by a company to integrate its comment system into the browsing experience, with the weight of Google and its popular toolbar behind it, it’s the first one that’s likely to succeed.[…]

Ten Top Tweets: The phrases that drive us crazy

This week, our Ten Top Tweets pay homage to phrases that drive us crazy. Enjoy these, but remember…It’s only funny until someone loses an eye. Ten Top Tweets is a weekly compilation based on a Twitter Meme — trends, activities or sayings associated with Twitter.  In this case: #phrasesihate. One of the most popular Twitter[…]

Suddenly Social: How Flip cameras change the way we shoot and use video

The latest breed of home video cameras have a wide range of capabilities, such as HD. Noticeably absent? Video tape. Video cameras that replace tape storage with flash drive and hard drive storage require owners to adapt to new technology — and a new mindset: videos are intended to share information (quickly) — not simply[…]

Ten Top Tweets: Nobody puts memories of Swayze in the corner

This week, our Ten Top Tweets celebrates the life of Patrick Swayze through Haiku. Although he was nominated for three golden Globes over the course of his 30-year career, Patrick Swayze measured his success by lives touched, not money made or awards won (EW). Ten Top Tweets is a weekly compilation based on a Twitter[…]

Changing the channel: TV networks embrace Internet to drive content to timeshifting viewers

Networks are embracing the Internet to promote new content, ignite sponsors,  and attract time-shifting viewers. As the 2009 ‘TV season’ kicks off, there is a noticeable shift in the amount of TV content that can be viewed online., launched by NBC Universal and Walt Disney in 2007, has hit it’s stride.  At the end[…]

Top Ten Tweets: Remembering September 11

This week, our Ten Top Tweets explores ‘god bless america’ and tweets that remind us of 9/11. Ten Top Tweets is a weekly compilation based on a Twitter Meme — trends, activities or sayings associated with Twitter. In this case, the Twitter Meme is #godblessamerica. One of the most popular Twitter Memes is Follow Friday[…]

A cold arrival for AT&T’s turn-by-turn GPS application for iPhone

A few months ago, AT&T  released the first turn-by-turn GPS application for the iPhone.  Since it’s arrival, the GPS application has received a cold reception.  The application has received more than 900 reviews in the Apple Store — but most rank the application poorly. AT&T Navigator provides voice-guided and onscreen directions, automatic rerouting, real-time traffic[…]

Spread the love: We need your Groundswell Award ratings

Social networks are like muscles — they work better with use. With that in mind, I’m asking readers to spread the love by supporting our 2009 Groundswell Award entry. Each year, Forrester distributes Groundswell Awards to companies that use social technologies effectively to advance organizational or corporate goals. Awards are presented within the categories for[…]