The wrong number: Phone books for local advertising

For decades, phone book listings were the heart of effective local advertising. Well, that heart has been broken. I’ve talked to many small business owners recently who found phone book ads effective in the past. Their consensus? Phone book ads don’t work anymore. People don’t use phone books anymore to find service providers. They Google[…]

Move on people: Internet Explorer 6 is a crusty old fart among web browsers

Almost 15 percent of internet users are still using Internet Explorer 6, according to a recent statistics from W3Schools. It’s time for this madness to stop: It puts these users — and the entire Internet community — at a disadvantage. Internet Explorer 6.0 is eight years old. Eight. Years. Old. It pre-dates Windows XP. Heavy[…]

Ten Top Tweets: Songs in soulful syntax

This week, our Ten Top Tweets explores ‘songs in code’. Can you decode these song titles by interpreting the programming code? Ten Top Tweets is a weekly compilation based on a Twitter Meme — trends, activities or sayings associated with Twitter. In this case, the Twitter Meme is #songsincode. One of the most popular Twitter[…]

Billboard blight: The only highways signs I’ll miss are for Wall Drug

For the second time in 15 years, I made the drive from Wisconsin to South Dakota.  On the long, straight and open road of this 14-hour trip, one of the noticeable features of the landscape is the Wall Drug signs. There were more than 70 of them on our first trip — beginning 500 miles[…]

Chain letters from the White House

When I returned from vacation this week, I wasn’t surprised to see a chain letter waiting in my inbox with hundreds of other emails. The surprise was where the chain letter came from: The White House. More surprisingly? It came from David Axelrod, Senior Adviser to the President rather than from Obama himself. In part,[…]

Now is the time: Get the most from Google dayparts

Marketers can improve their cost per click (CPC) and cost per acquisition (CPA) by taking the time (pun intented) to learn more about dayparting. Dayparting has been available on Google since 2006, but it remains one of the most underutilized marketing features. Ad scheduling (aka “dayparting”) lets you tell Google exactly when you want your[…]

Link Popularity: The Internet’s ‘In’ Crowd

Having the best web site in your industry is a noble goal. A far more satisfying one is to have the most popular site. The best means of measuring your web site’s popularity is by determining its link popularity – that is, the number and quality of other web sites linking to it. Each time[…]

For the Record: Support the Performance Rights Act

The Performance Rights Act will close an outdated provision of America’s copyright law that allows terrestrial AM and FM radio stations to earn $16 billion a year in advertising revenue without compensating the artists and musicians. The Performance Rights Act brings the United States in line with almost every other nation in the world. Only[…]